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EzyDog Leash review

October 29, 2011

I was contacted by someone at EzyDog asking if I’d like to test one of their products. Because I have two dogs, I chose the [Cujo leash] with two extensions.

Dudley and Charlie Approve

It arrived quickly and I could see the high quality of the leash immediately. The “rope” part is very well made. It is strong and has a spring in it to ease on the pulling (and I knew there would be pulling). There’s also an actual handle as opposed to just a loop.

I clipped the dogs to the leash and we did a practice run in the backyard the night we got it. Though we didn’t go far I was able to tell that it would be much easier to walk these two ragamuffins.

Today we took them out on a real walk and I’m happy to say this works perfectly. The handle is soft but strong, and comfortable and feels good in your hand. The spring in the main part of the leash is really nice even when they pull.

But the best part is how there’s a swivel in the spot where the two extensions clip on so that even when they jump around each other they don’t get tangled.

It’s not often that we take them on real walks because it’s usually such a production and usually ends in frustration. So I’m very happy to have a product that will allow us to get out of the yard more!

Thank you [EzyDog]!!

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